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AliExpress Plug Haul | Pt. 1 Single Flared

Most of us are always trying to keep things afloat on a budget. However, we do like our shiny and sparkly stuff and just because we’re not millionaires doesn’t mean we have can’t have nice things. I have been at a 00g (double-zero gauge) for months now, and I’ve only had three pairs to flaunt around. Time for a change. So when my paycheck, student loans and all the other cash that’s supposed to go towards rent got in, I went to uncle AliExpress to get myself some goodies. I got about 20 pairs of plugs/tunnels of which 7 pairs are single flared. Single flared means at least one side starts off at an actual 00g size, so it’s easier to put this kind of jewelry in. This video will only be concerned with the single flared plugs, and I will show them all to you and try them on. Another video about the double-flared plugs is in the making, but concidering I need to shower in order to switch the double flared plugs out, I can only do one video shot a day. Please bear with me! In the meantime you can watch the first video up top! Kayra out.


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